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Why is it? Thoughts of the ex...

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Why is it that even when I know my ex never loved me, disprespected me in many ways, never accepted me, compared me to others, kicked me out whilst living together, constantly wore me down, do I still think about him day and night???? I am kind of becoming really upset with myself because I know it's over, I just haven't seemed to stop thinking about him yet? I have been doing nc for probably nearly 2 1/2 months now...


Is this normal?

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^ Welcome to ENA ManicPrincess!


Of course it is normal and you feel this way because you are human, you have feelings and emotions. As badly as things were, the point is that you were intimately connected with another human being on some level, good, bad, ugly, and now there is disconnection and detachment. That's what hurts I think...


Many, many, many people mistake this for "true love", because it hurts so badly, it must have been "real" and "right". Bravo for not falling inot this trap!

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