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Well.... an Ultimate gift should be somewhat personal... "tools" is a bit hard to start generating ideas from. Tools for what? Cars, carpentry?


What are his hobbies?


Otherwise, there are the more generic gifts like an expensive watch with something personal between the two of engraved on it.

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This might be a little more than you're wanting to spend, but can you find a hotel in your area that has hot tubs in the room? I used to live in Los Angeles, and there was a nice place very close to the beach that I took my husband to that had a bar and a hot tub right there in the room. (Not to mention a bathroom the size of a skating rink, but that's beside the point.) I took him there once when he had a bad day at work. Made him a nice supper, went and grabbed some wine and dessert stuffs, and brought him to that hotel room. That was a good night, and he definitely felt better. *ahem* I don't remember it being too extravagantly expensive... something like $89. It was the winter, though, and while L.A. doesn't really have an "off season," if it did, that would be it.


Other ideas... Massage! Grab a book of massage techniques, or look up a few online. Light a bunch of candles (tea lights are inexpensive and can be put on plates) or drape a red cloth over the lights in your room, put on a slow CD (something sexy, not relaxing) and lube him up. How about a wine tasting? My husband and I did that in Santa Barbara on our 3rd anniversary. The drive was amazing. Are there any particularly scenic drives where you are? Rent a convertible for the day and do that. What about a nature walk of some sort?


Congratulations on the 19th wedding anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 5th in March. He and I went to an adorable bed and breakfast in Natchez (a beautiful town here in Mississippi) and just spent a few lazy days by the river. If you can make it to Mississippi next week, I definitely recommend Natchez!


I have more ideas swirling around my head... My husband's 30th birthday is coming up in May, so I've been trying to think of the best thing to do, considering we'll have an 11-month-old at the time. Yikes!

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