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It is easier to run than say goodbye


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This is for all the people who decide to run instead of say goodbye when things get ugly. There are only so many people that come into our lives and really mean something to us, and I thank my lucky stars for those I love. It is a shame that some people choose to forfeit those close relationships to stay comfortable, within the walls of their own excuses.



when love is uncontrolled


when the world is cold


like skies are done with day


drop and run, run away

At the end

when masks are off

honeymoons done

and eyes are soft

from the guilt

that never came.

Did you stop

and hold on to

those few whose hearts

still cared for you.

Did you say goodbye?

Or did you run?

Will you say goodbye

when love next comes?

Reflections tell

the story told

inspiration cowered

or was it bold?

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