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Eatting disorders

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How can one determine if he suffers from any kind of eatting disorder(bulimia,anorexia nervosa etc.)?


Well, really, the only way to know for "sure" is to be officially diagnosed as there are certain criteria for anorexia nervosa for example.


However, you can generally know if there is at the very least disordered eating. This can involve rapid weight loss or gain, obsessions towards food (ie vigilant ideas on bad foods, good foods), unexplained weight for food consumed (ie if they binge on tons of food but never gain), running to bathroom right after eating, fine hair growing all over body, listlesness and lack of energy, obsesssive exercising, hidden food (to either be consumed during a binge/purge cycle or to avoid eating), insomnia, dramatic mood swings, and so on.


And remember there are many eating disorders other than bulimia and anorexia that people can fall into - many have more than one.


Try link removed for more about the signs and symptoms of eating disorders.

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Eating disorders strike people at all ages, not just young women. I know someone in her 60's who has been suffering from it for years. Do a search on eating disorders. There is a lot of information out there. Other signs include rituals regarding food....what time to eat, when to eat, where to eat, talking about food incessantly, always thinking about food, going into graphic detail about what you ate, obsessive weighing and measuring of food, exercising immediately after eating, lack of focus on things because too busy obsessing about food. The list goes on.

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