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Stuck in a comfort zone!!

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Hi guys,

I'm finding it really hard to keep motivated about everything!!

I'm so busy at the moment that i'm starting to hate everything in my life and find it boring. I'm worried i'm taking it out on my boyfriend who does not deserve it at all!!

I'm 19 and have been with him for 4 years now. I thought that i was getting over the relationship but it's nothing to do with him. I'm studying full time at uni, working two jobs and go to the gym as my release...when i can make it there.

I find that i cling to him though, because i feel so stuck in a rut i need him to be my escape and sometimes he wants space...fair enough...but i make him feel guilty.

I dunno what i'm asking, i guess do you guys have any ideas on how to make my life a bit more exciting??

Time and money are both issues and i'm driving my boyfriend crazy!!

Please help!

Does it get any easier??

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It does get easier when you slow down a bit. You have a lot on your plate right now and, I get the sense, that because you do, you wants to spend all your free time (what little there is) with your boyfriend, since you don't get to see him as often as you like. You might also be thinking that since you don't see him as often as you feel you should, that you are starting to feel a little insecure about the relationship, which makes you seem clingy.


I think you would do well to try and focus on some alone time with yourself. Not just the gym to vent your stress, but some actual alone time that you can do something enjoyable that is outside of your normal routine. Whether that is reading about a new subject, getting out into nature while summer is still around, or even just getting a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop and listening in on other people's conversations.


I know how it feels to be incredibly busy yet, at the same time, feel as if I'm in a rut. It's odd how one can be bored sometimes when they don't even have a spare moment. By making spare moments for *yourself* and not someone else, you give yourself the opportunity to figure out what you want... and what you can do to break out.


Good luck and hang in there...

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Actually, you aren't in a comfort zone. You are in the chaotix(just made that up)!

A comfort zone is when everything is going smoothly; so monotonously so that you get bored with life...

Right now you are doing quite a bit! Two jobs, school, boyfriend, and you try and work out at the gym? I am tired reading that...

Maybe you shouldn't cling to him. Any free time you do get should be for yourself. You need to have a chance to come down from all of that.


Take a little time out and take a nap...

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