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is this normal

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ok i dont know if anyone has been following my posts but real quick me and my ex broke up a week ago after a 1 year relationship. We committed ourselves to each other and to sum it all up she loved me but wasnt in love with me so we broke up because it wasnt fair for me


recentely i have been having a hard time to cope with this. Lost 10 pounds in a week. Been drinking much more than usual. Not heavy or anything just more often than before. I still love her and want to be with her but there has been pretty much no contact for 2 weeks except for us breaking up. I came to a point where I completely forgot about my past year. I dont think about our good times together and i dont think about us being back together. I think of us as never happening and only talking like once every month which we did before we actually dated.


Now i have gained back my weight and i am back to talking to everyone i use to talk to before she entered my life. I feel like i am back to my life without her. Is this normal? Am I on the right tract to healing or am I just in a denial stage? I excepted the fact that she is gone and going out with expecting her not to come back. Some feedback on these feeling would help


thanks for all of those that listen

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Two weeks have passed?, it's not usual to have resignation so soon but everybody is different.

There are lapses too of course, and they are normal, it doesn't hit hard at first, then the idea settles and the person goes through sadness, depression, missing the ex, wanting another chance, etc.


But, as long as you think you understand what could have failed in the relationship the rest may not be too important.


Don't rebound, spend time doing things for you, live your own life and know what lesson/purpose that relationship had, those are possibly the main after break-up basics.

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Make sure you take care of yourself during this time--that's the best advice that I received going through my breakup and I have done well by doing so. I'm staying active, I'm eating well, I'm generally happy, and my mind is on many different things other than my ex.


good luck, hang in there!

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