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Interview - not sure what to think

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Backstory: I relocated to Orlando, Florida in April. I was able to transfer with the same organization at which I've worked for over 6 years. Unfortunately, the company culture and organization down here (its a not for profit) leaves a lot to be desired and I am suffering from stress related health issues. Thus, I've began submitting my resume to other places.


I received a call in response to my resume from an HR Outsourcing firm for a payroll position. This position and company is awesome and would be a great opportunity. I had two phone interviews and then Thursday of last week I had an in person interview. The interview was with one person face to face and one person conferenced in via phone.


The HR rep who set up my interview said to arrive in professional attire. The person who I interviewed with wore jeans and a silky camasole top. I was a little taken aback by her attire, I would think a hiring manager would dress up for interviews if HR tells the interviewees to arrive in professional attire.


The interview consisted of some querying of my resume and intense behavioral questions. I felt I did really well, even though I was very stressed out from my day at work. The person on the phone had to go after an hour, and she said it was nice talking to me and good luck! The good luck comment was odd lol. Then I chatted with the hiring manager a bit and she walked me down to the lobby to turn in my badge. She shook my hand, said it was nice to meet me, told me I'd hear from my recruiter within two weeks. She said have a nice evening and good luck! Two good lucks! I thought it an odd thing to say at the end of an interview. To me it said... thanks for coming, but we're going to continue looking.


I have sent a thank you note to the woman I met in person. The woman on the phone offices from home in another state and I don't have a mailing address for her.


Should I call the recruiter I've been working with to touch base with him and say thank you and I'm really interested?


Have you ever been told good luck at the end of an interview? When I interview people I always thank them for coming in and tell them it was nice to meet them, explain what the next step is. I've never said Good luck! though.

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Definitely be aggressive with your interest and let them know that a) you're an excellent fit for the company because of all the reasons you stated earlier, b) look forward to hearing their decision. Takes a little bit of your time and makes you look MUCH better than the other candidates. Getting a new job is almost all persistence. Whoever wants the job the most and has a solid fit will often get the job.


The "good luck" remark is definitely disconcerting, but you have to remain positive. Good luck!

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A different recruiter called me today. The managers I interviewed with were "so impressed and loved talking with me so much" that they felt I was more qualified for this management position that is open. They're scheduling me an interview with two more hiring managers this week asap and the recruiter told me she'd call me immediately after the interview to let me know the decision.


Eep. I wasn't expecting that news Pays 10k to 15k more a year than the position I was interviewing for too. Now would be a great time for someone to say good luck



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Thanks! I had my interview this morning, and it went very well. I received a call with an offer 2 hours later for the management position and $20k more a year than I make now. I'm so excited!


The recruiter told me they were so excited by my interview and cannot wait to have me on board. My paperwork is in the mail.


Job hunting is stressful! I'm happy to be moving onto the next step!


Thanks for the luck wishes!

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