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Girl you like into another guy? Just leave her and move on?

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The girl I currently like is into another guy, who by the way has already rejected her, but she's still crazy about him. However, now I'm going crazy about her, so inside of making things worse I am thinking of just distancing myself from her a bit and move on....will that be possible and is that the right move to make?

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The best thing you could do is stop surpressing your emotions, hiding your feelings, and pretending to be girls friends in the hopes that they will want to date you. This method has been very well tested and failed.


The only way I'd cut contact is if you let her know that you're interested, and if she declines, then you should go NC and move on. If you just cut contact out of the blue right now, she won't know why and think you're mad at her for no reason. This is also basically game playing and you wouldn't be able to pull yourself away from her far enough not to care about her so she'd still be on your mind preventing you from moving on and finding someone else.

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I agree you should let her know that you are interested however i do not believe this is the best time to do it. seeing as she is having problems with another guy. I also agree that you shouldn't just cut contact out of the blue because it will make her feel as if something is wrong and she might feel bad about it. She is probably in a vunerable state at the moment and you don't want to test that. However, you should keep in mind to just keep things platonic between the two of you. Don't think that now you have a chance as that will only cause you to get your hopes up and even misinterpret things sometimes. It's not a nice thing. Just try to keep things neutral at the moment if you feel that you have absolutely no choice then cutting ties with her would be a wise decision. Good luck to you.

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