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right road to take?

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I have recently met someone online. She is wonderful! I told her tonight that I just want to be friends with her and she is totally cool with it. Told her I dont want to mess up what we have by becoming more right now. She is cool with it because she doesnt feel pressured into having sex and kissing goodnight (so she said). She has had a few jerks in the past (who hasnt). I feel really good about this. She was very impressed how I just came out and said it. She likes me for me, we have a lot of fun together, very good conversation, etc.


I have made this decision because I have dated girls who I should of just stayed friends with. Then I was single. Had no girls as just friends. Banged my head on the wall- stupid stupid stupid what did I just do. Lost too many girls because of this.


SO now I have decided every girl I meet who is like the one I just met just be friends for a long time. I mean the ones I really click with. WHy ruin it by becoming more.


I have a few questions though. SHould I continue to date while having a few girls as just really good friends and keep it open to turning into something more after I have known them for a very long time or not continue to date and just have really good friends and turn it into something more if they are still available later?


Im not opposed to dating, im just tired of going out on a few dates and it doesnt work out and look for someone new to date. But I dont want to just sit here either.

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I would say, just have fun with whoever you have fun with! Whether that's a friend or something more.. there's no reason to "just sit here"..if you decide you want to pursue a relationship with someone in the future, then go for it.

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I understand, its happen to me a few times, you meet this spectacular person and you have so much in common but you fear that a relationship might only ruin things between you and her. There is no easy answer or none that I've found but consider what you want and the circumstances surrounding them, example, if you start a relationship it may work as well as it may not or if you just remain friends then you may grow apart at some point in time. You have to weight the your action and decide the price you're willing to pay.

Hope that helps good luck.

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