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Why am I this way?

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I live in a small town that has about 100 kids in my grade.

Everyone is usually the same, my guy friends are all jocks, and somewhat boring, I don't mean to brag, but alot of guys in my grade find me attractive, and some are infatuated with me.

But I have this one REALLY good friend. He's not macho, or jockish, he's just himself. He is an awesome guy. He's open minded, musically talented, accepting, fun, caring and funny.

He's 15, 7 months older than me, and he has the maturity of a 30 year old, he is so knowledgeable about life, and I always come to him.

Well, we just started High School, and I'm feeling weird. I get really jealous when he talks to other girls, or when he hugs one of his female friends, it makes me sad. I have 5 out of 8 classes with him, and I feel like I'm crowding him, because I almost sprinted to each classroom just to sit close to him. Also, during lunch, I went with him to his house and he played me a song on his guitar, which nearly made me melt.

I'm just wondering, but I'm not sure I like him, I haven't really wanted to spend all my time with him 24/7, but is it because we're different? I'm preppy, and he's like a rocker kinda guy...


Any thoughts?

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Maybe you are attracted to him because he is different and unique. It is good to experiment with things that are out of the norm and different. You should keep hanging out with him and see if the relationship grows. If you like him then maybe show interest.


That's awesome he played a song for you! I'm jealous hahaha.


Hope it goes well

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Perhaps a side note, but you're 14, you have your whole life to feel jealous over guys.

That, and i'd love to see a 15 year old with the maturity of a 30 year old


He's the only guy I feel really jealous over.

We got really close at church camp last week, and I felt so right being held in his arms.

But the problem is, there are alot of other girls I know that like him also, two of my best friends do, and a bunch of older girls do...

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i would say you are somewhat attracted to him. Seeing as jealousy is something that we get when we don't want to share something we value. And you don't have to want to spend 24/7 with someone to like them lol. I actually find that quite suffocating sometimes. It might just be a simple crush but i'm for certain you do have feelings for him.

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