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Tonight, I came home from work and my ex was sitting outside her apartment with her new guy and she saw me driving in. After I parked my car I saw her come over. I got out and asked her what did she wanted..she said to me "you don't want to talk to me, I thought that you were my friend"...I just looked at her and said. " friends don't hurt people", and then walked away to my apartment. It's the first contact I've had with her for two weeks..I initated NC to try and get over the hurt..I dont know if she's aware or not, but I think that I made the right decision and the right answer, just trying to be strong....It was very painful to see her and there was so much that I wanted to say, but with her new guy there I decided to take this action....please tell me that I did the right thing....it seems to me that she is still thinking about me, I don't know!! previous post 1168344#post1168344[/url]

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Yes, she lives in the same apartment complex as I do...she saw me driving in and parking my car....when I met her a year ago yesterday, she was new to Canada..well three years...I know that she does'nt have anyone else here, just her 15 year old daughter and one couple (russian) that used to live in her last apartment building...nobody else....I really don't know why she still wants to be friends...maybe she misses the times we had or if nothing works out with the other guy...i'll be there....it boggles my mind...this forum has helped me tremendously...

it's hard every day though as sometimes I see her going or coming from her apartment....

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