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Can you explain this guys bewildering behavior?

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He's obviousely very shy around you. This is a good indication that he really likes you, but is to embarrassed to say anything to you. He might feel afraid that if he says anything stupid, you'll dislike him, so he keeps quite and the conversation to a mininal to avoid such catastrophies as he sees it. That's what I'm observing from what you've said so far. You made a good approach in attempting to talk more, but it might take some more prodding for him to say anything else.

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It's easy to talk to people who you have become comfortable with, keep engaging him in conversations and slowly make them longer. It sounds to me as if he likes you and is shy. Get him out of his environment, he may be self-conscious about his friends seeing him struggle. Invite him for coffee or an ice cream so the focus is on the two of you.



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