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Well me and this guy were friendsbut ever since we were first friends we always flirted and had like sexual tension there, anyway I knew him first on msn for like a year so when we met it was really easy to get on ect, we were hanging in real life for around 3 months,

anyway - I won't go into the whole story lol but we kissed dry humped and other stuff on a few occasions, but it didnt go all the way because I didnt let it even though he was sorta persistent.


Anyway basicaly I found out he had been lied to me previously when I had mentioned stuff about having a relationship, he claimed he wasnt ready for a comitted one and then like he acted really diffirent around me when we hung out a while after stuff, and I found out through someone else he had a new gf, so when I moaned at him about it there was a big argument and we havn't hung out since, though we talk on msn -


a lot of other stuff happened that made stuff just fall apart further I wont go into, but I was just wondering if its possible to be friends with someone still after having sexual relations with them however brief, as we never were proper "going out" even though we always acted like that round one another- do you think it works like ex's being friends? or is there potential to gaina friendship back? or maybe we only got on so well because of the flirting

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I would advise using punctuation in your post. That whole paragraph was basically one long sentence and you might get more replies if people could read your post easier. It is so run on that it is difficult to understand.


To answer your question though, yes, it is possible to be just friends. The only way I think though, to be real friends, is that you both are over each other. Also, that you both really want to be friends are willing to make the effort. Sometimes though, if your friendship really only consisted of sexual innuendos, flirting, sexual tension....perhaps a friendship without that wouldn't be easy to get back - because that kind of friendship never existed in the first place. But, you could always try, you never know.

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thanks, oh and I did type that message at like 1am or something lol so excuse the sloppiness.

Thanks for the advice, he still wants to be friends but says he isn't ready yet because we might argue and it would be awkward ect, I often feel like I'm the one trying hardest to make the friendship continue.

He told me once he could never stay friends with his ex's but our case is slightly diffirent.

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