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ladies your opinion please!!!!<Mod Edit>

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i met a girl through a friend about 2 months ago and at first we hit it off really well. first off she lives an hour away so its hard for us. but i asked her out. now know we only hung out 1 time b4 we officially started goin out. but we talked on the fone every day. so after we started goin out we went to an amusement park and i had a blast with her then later that nite we went to her house.. hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing lol. and it was great...neways these past few weeks she has been goin to partys alot. i told her i dont wanna control her life but i mean dont you think this is goin a little far. sure i love her and i think i

i trust her but does she really love me if she goes to these parties all the time?? and ill call her at a party...and she dont pick up her fone!!!! shes told me over and over that she really likes me and wants a long term relationship which is wat i want too. but i feel like im bein taken advantage of here and it sux cuz i really like this girl. she obviously isnt very cautious if she gave me sex on the second date eventho we previously talked on the fone everuday for a month b4 that. girls please gimme your opinions.. do i dump her??? is she havin sex with other guys at the parties? ill take any feedback

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It's good that your intuitions are telling you to question your relationship with this girl, because I think you have a good point. How old are you, by the way? You and her both sound a bit young. So, you two live an hour away from each other, and that's already hard on a relationship, especially a new one. Second, the girl goes to parties, even though you don't like the idea of her doing that. She had sex with you so soon, and even though it was great for you then, I can understand why that would bother you, because that means she's capable of doing that with someone else she barely knows. What goes on at parties anyway? It's so easy to get drunk and * * * * * around without you knowing, especially if you're not even there to keep her in check. I know you don't want to be controlling, but it's her life, and she chooses to make her own decisions, and if she is not respecting your request (which is a reasonable request), then she obviously doesn't love you as much as you think she might. You don't trust her, or else you wouldn't be here asking this question. Do yourself a favor and find someone who respects you, and be someone that girls can respect.

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im 19 yrs old it hurts me tho could i really thought i had something with this girl i m going to talk to her 2nite about it. im gonna ask her to wise up and if she dont want to then im gonna leave her. cause im goin to college this year and i dont need to put up with that. atleast if shed answer her fone wen shes out. the way i look at it is... she must not want neone else at the party knowin that she has a bfriend and why would she not want guys knowin she has a bfriend??? its obvious wats goin on here.shes also only 16. i think shes at that age were she dont want commitment. neways im callin her around 11 and im gonna tell her how i feel. thanks soo much for your advice it helps to see it in someone elses words.

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Is she going to parties because you're an hour away and neither of you can travel OR is she going to lots of parties in preference to being with you? Also, in my day, people usually went to parties with their b/f or g/f if they were able to. If the alternative to the party is to sit indoors on the phone or MSN all night, then I can understand her reasons for wanting to go out.


It is also possible that she doesn't want an exclusive relationship with you or anyone else at the moment.

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