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my ex broke up with me on good terms ( just the distance). well we thought we can hadle LDR but we can't. So i did NC ( not even greeting him a happy bday on his bday). after 10 days, he send me a message and i replied the next day why he did that? he said he miss me, everything about me is perfect perfect, care for me a lot...etc. so now we are doing LC. I told him i got a new job. he thought it's in the country where he lives and was so excited. but , it's not there .

why he keeps on hoping that i would go there? my family is here and i can speak the language here. yes, i'm sure i would go there becuz he won't be living there for the rest of his life. he would be here after he learned the language and finish the job contract.


he's so special and i really love him. i see my future with him. i know our relationship was new that time and got to know a lot of things about each other ( good and bad- and we accepted each other's bads) in short period of time. is it a good idea to go there? i know i'm taking the risk but i'm missing the opportunity if i don't go? what's your opinion?

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In my opinion, I'm not sure your relationship will work out.


You broke up because you can't handle a long distance relationship. But niether of you are willing to make the sacrific to move so that you can be close at this point.


I read some of your other posts and you have only been together for about 3 months? That's really not that long, and probably not a good sign you are having problems so early.


I think you both need to talk about what you both really want. If you have been together for a year and things have been great, then I would say to definitely go there and see how things go. But after 3 months, you don't even know him well enough. You might think you do, but I don't think you can ever really know a person after 3 months.

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thanks meow.


yes, our relationship was only a few months. at first, he thought he could visit me ( like at least once a month) but turned out he couldn't becuz he has 2 jobs. i'm sure he wouldn't be with me if he knew this in the very beginning. he's matured, resposible and i feel comfortable when i'm with him. Most men, when talking about kids and marriage, they changed the subject/ don't want to talk about it/ their reaction changed, but when i did this to him, he was ok with it, willing to talk about it. there are so many things aside from that.


i had told him already that i'm not just looking to be just in a 'relationship', looking for a committed/long term one. all i feel right now is i want to be with him but i just know him for awhile

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