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Bad decision is leaving me hanging

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I regret a lot of decisions that I have made in my young life thus far and I have thought about it a lot lately. I want to stop making bad decisions because it is tearing my life apart decision by decision and I don't know why I continue to do it.


My main decision that is driving me crazy right now came on July 5, which was the last day of work at my old place of work and actually my very first job. I used to work at Busch Gardens Africa for 3 months and 4 days (from April Fool's Day to July 5) and I left to find work closer for home.


I had put in my two week notice and on July 5 it was up, and I was off onto the unemployed line. My reasons for leaving the place was as follows:


*Too hot in terms of extreme weather here down in Florida

*Too far from home

*Job was boring as I all did was sit there and talk to people, most of the time.


And at the time, on July 5, this seemed like the right thing to do. But now, nearly a month later, I still sit here with no job. I hoped to find a job closer to home once I left Busch Gardens but I have yet to do that.


So for the past month or so, I have been sitting on my butt at home, doing almost nothing.


And tomorrow I am going up there and hopefully get my job back as I do have a re-hire status.


Busch Gardens is a theme park and tomorrow I am going up there to go on rides and the like, and I'll see a bunch of my old co-workers, who I considered very good friends.


When I was about to leave, all my co-workers and actually all my friends outside of work were telling me I'd regret leaving.


I just feel so dumb now that I'm going back there. And I'll be asked so many questions tomorrow when I catch up with my old co-workers. I have made other lame decisions in the past but this is the one that's been dragging me down lately.


Sorry: I just needed to vent.

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You're still young. I wouldnt call the decision you made a "bad decision". You will have a lot more job opportunities coming your way and working at Busch Gardens is a job and not really a career. People come and change careers all the time, even at my age (33). Look at me, I left a perfectly good and well-paying job that I had had for 7 years, and moved out to CA to no job. I am not employed right now and I am going to start looking for a job soon since I need the money sort of. Is it the end of the world, NOT!!! A lot of people would be appalled at what I did, esp since I left a good job with good benefits to go move somewhere more expensive to live. I dont really regret it and I am doing ok in my life. Life goes on.


YOu have to live life and have no regrets. Yeah, go ask for your job back. There is no dishonor or disgrace in that. If you worked well for them in the past and they liked you, you will have no problems getting your job back.


Leaving a job is not the end of the world.


Iamteddybear, it seems like you have a rather harsh opinion of the OP. She is young and she has a lot of career opportunities left to her. Sometimes, when we are young, we dont always like the jobs we get stuck with and consequently, we leave them then maybe come back later. I have seen that happen so many times with young people. They look at jobs as boring and menial and they leave them. It aint the end of the world and doesnt mean they arent appreciative. They are just looking for that special something and havent found it yet.

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was it really a bad decision? i think for us to give you an informative response, you need to provide us with the following: a) age, b) highest level of degree, c) your passions (what do you want to do???)


i'm not a big fan of showing up some place you hate for 8 hrs a day, doing this 5 days a week, 52 weeks a yr. this is the quickest way to get yourself depresssed and medicated on anti-depressants while seeing 15 different therapists about "the life you could have had". you really only have 1 life and time doesn't go backwards. but anyways, to help you out, you need to provide more info.


1 month isn't really that much time to find a new career. and when you do want to find one, you need to go ALL OUT. you were spending 8 hrs a day working? now spend 8 hrs day looking for a job. it can be depressing and tiring, but when you get in the door, it all pays off.

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