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Best Friend's Boyfriend

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my best friend's boyfriend told me that "he wonders if we are with the wrong people and wonders if we should be together",i did not answer him and walked out.I never told my best friend what he said.


When we later all went out together,he picked me up off the ground and carried me out infront of all of them,it was weird.My best friend was not impressed.What bothers me is that he talks with the guy im dating who I like alot and i feel like he will ruin things.what should I do.

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Man I have a friend who was in your exact same situation a while back. Watch out in her case the guy tried to hang on to his girlfriend (who was my friend's bestfriend) and also start something with my friend, at the same time, and kept talking about leaving his gf, but he never actually did. This has resulted in loss of trust on his gf's part, and the two best friends are no longer friends, and things are strained.

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Wow, this guy is WAY out of line.


Have you ever directed told him:


"You are with my friend, and you are hurting her when you act like a jacka** in front of her with me. I am not attracted to you, I find your behaviour disrespectful and you are overstepping your boundaries with me. Do not pick me up, do not make comments about wanting to be with me, you are with my friend, and it's time to act like it."



Seriously. This guys needs a wake up call. He cannot behave this way. He's potentially going to ruin your new relationship and he's acting like a total jerk in front of his girlfriend. Since you've already talked to the bf about it and she continues to put up with it, I think you need to confront him directly. Be serious, no giggling or looking away. Tell him directly that you do not like the attention and you want it to stop. Mean it and stick to it.

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