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Once and for all this is driving me nuts

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The answer is probably I shouldn't let it drive me nuts.


The bf decided to pretty much ignore me today. He gets in these moods where he just stops responding to my texts. I really needed to talk to someone today too. So after 2 ignored texts I just texted, sorry i'm bothering you. I'll leave you alone. no reply so I just turned my phone off.


Sometimes I just don't know how to tell whether my irritation is me having a bad day or whether I really should be irritated?


I feel like I am busting my butt to move to his country and he is just being his lazy self-absorbed self.


I seem to have this problem where I am perceived as strong and not needing any help from anyone. I really could use help from him but he just doesn't do it. We were supposed to be getting a fiance visa but he never sent back the paperwork and I never asked him about it.


I really want to move there but I am so afraid I am going to fail.


What should I do about his ignoring behaviour? How will I know if I should move there or not? I tend to let fear cloud my thinking.

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SarahRose, I read back over all the other threads that you started here in regard to your relationship. Having read all of that, I do not understand why you are even proceeding with this relationship.


He in my opinion is giving you the " run around". He has already told you that he does not see you two getting married, in one of your other posts you mention this, along with other things that are going on.


He ignores you a lot and you also say above that he never returned the papers for the fiancé visa.


Based on everything in your prior threads, I would dissolve this relationship , and do not move there, and then move on with YOUR life.


Just my two cents worth after having read all of your history.

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