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Aqua Di Gio? Is it that the best or is there better?


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Aqua Di Gio? Is it that the best or is there better? My ex bought it for me for my bday and I like it.


Have to say, it's the only fragance I wear. Every woman who's ever commented on it, loves it. But, some wear it better than others, I think there is something to the phenomenon of whose skin it's on.


But, this Armani scent is addictive by most females I've encountered!!

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Hmmm....I've never smelled it; I'll have to give it a sniff next time I'm by the perfume counter.


I always liked simple (cheap) stuff like Old Spice, English Leather, on men. My ex Allan used to wear 'Stetson'. I haven't seen him in maybe 12, 13 years but I can still remember exactly how he smelled. I still remember the first night we met, It was like he must have been bathed in some kind of voodoo love potion or something...I think that's why they call it chemistry, huh?...

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