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am i too attached?

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lately i've been feeling as if i'm too attached to my girlfriend. i love her very much and i always like being with her. we see each other very often, not everyday - since we both have classes and jobs. but somehow i feel i can't get enough of her apparently. i never felt this way before when we first started the relationship, but now i find myself constantly thinking about her and our relationship. we've had ups and downs and everything's alright now - it's just i always end up thinking about her, not so much in a positive way either. i think about how different she is from, with friends. how inadequate i feel next to her. she's had all of these different experiences with everything and i've only had two serious relationships and i haven't really done as much as she did.


i feel intimidated by her experience and social skills. i just dwell in that subject all day, with minor distractions from school and work. when i'm with her, i feel really good. though i kinda worry too. i worry about her and what may come of our relationship. it's like i'm searching for a solid answer to whats going to become of us. it doesn't depress me but it distracts me a lot. it makes me feel very emotional. i sometimes forget about it and think about how much she loves me and how much she cares about me but it always ends up coming back.


whenever i'm with her and our time ends, i feel incomplete or something. like i'm scared to tackle the world by myself or something. i don't really know what i think. i know i love her and i accept who she is. it's just me reacting to who she is. because i've never been with someone like her. i don't know how else to explain it. i just want the thoughts to stop. i don't want to smother her and make her think that i'm attached to her. but i feel like i don't. i don't know...


thank you

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How long have you been going out with her? It sounds like the relationship is very new and thereforeeee still in the infatuation stage? I don't know...


It's okay to feel the way you do. You love her (or really like her) and the feelings of lust are unbearable. Everytime I go to sleep at night, it seems as though the only sentences that run through my brain are "I love him.. I love him soooo much." I've been with my b/f for 6 months... he is also my first love... and we talk about marriage all the time. I DO love him very much and he's always in my head.


Thinking about the future between you two may scare you too much. Try not to do that and enjoy the present. Wait a little longer to discuss the future (if you do want a future with her)... Enjoy the comfort you have with her and just be thankful.

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Someone said this to me not very long ago: "she obviously sees something in you that you can't see, just be who you have been and she will love you".



You want a solid answer?

Either you have a wonderful life together or you'll find out that you're too different and that there are other people in the world best suited for both of you.


Either way, you'll have a life full of adventures.

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