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Losing attention from a friend...

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My friend who is a girl, i'm a guy, recently started going crazy about this guy I know. And shes been on his case so much its kind of gettin on my nerve, I dont know what but I dont like it when 99% of her attention goes to him and this is even after I and another friend talked with him and hes said he doesnt like her. For some reason it just drove her crazier. Tomorrow we are going downtown, just me, her, the guy she likes, and another two friends. And she asked me first to meet her at her house and then we'd go and meet the other people downtown but then she asked the guy she likes to meet her instead, partially because I was like "aww really, do i have to...etc" u know kind of joking around. So now i kind of feel left out because she asked the other guy. Shes still crazy about him, he knows we've told her that he doesnt like her and I think he thinks that she has gotten over him and is just a normal friend now. But he doesn't know that she has messages me every 10min about him, asking if hes online, or if i've talked with him or w/e. I dont know its just a issue on my mind that's bothering which I dont know if it should be bothering me....any comments welcome


EDIT: I also want to add is it possible to just be really good friends and care for this girl without having it progress beyond friendship?

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Well first of all do you like this girl yourself? I mean more than as a friend? If so that might explain why this is bothering you a bit. Right now you're her shoulder and go between for this girl, she knows you know the guy that she likes and she wants any and all info about him through you. I you do have an interest in this girl as more than a friend, I would say steer clear of her. Make it clear to her that you don't want to talk about him and that if she wants to be friends with you she needs to stop using u to find out more about him. If you don't have an extra interest and she's just a friend make it clear to her as much as possible that the guy is not interested so that she does'nt get hurt and then if she does'nt listen then you've got to let her learn from making the mistake. Hope that helps. Goodluck!

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I have a feeling you're interested in this girl and feeling jealous about her interest in someone else. These feelings are normal, but surpressing them is not. The longer you hold this a secret, the more frustrated you'll get. So make a move on her, if you have questions on how to do this, check out those sites I posted you. If she's not interested in you, I don't see exactly why you'd want to keep in touch. You don't just see her as a friend and the emotions are not interchangable.


In the meantime, no harsh feelings towards this girl, because you haven't let your intentions be known. It's your responsibility to do this.

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Having been in similiar situations, I have to agree, sounds like you want her for yourself, but haven't made your true feelings clear to her... or maybe even to yourself?


Her behaviour sounds like a temporary crush, things that burn hot: burn fast, as my grandfather used to say, maybe when she begins losing interest you can make your true intentions known..?


Careful how you do it though, I've seen pleeenty of cross-gender friendships ruined because the girl feels she has been betrayed in some sense.


Hope this helps... if only a little =)

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It looks like the general consensus is that I like the girl. Even from previous posts I have had trouble deciding whether I really actually the girl or its just a friendship. Now the same applies here...for the past 2-3 months shes talked with me for at least 3-5+ hours a day and time has passed so fast I don't really know what has happened...ok well its something I will ponder about...Shes still crazy about this guy so coming out now wouldn't be the right move because its almost like shes involved with someone.

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