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Am i doin sumthin wrong??

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ok, i've been trying to call/send text messages/messages on myspace to my friends from school saying if they wanted to hang out. But for some reason when i call them i will not get no one or i will get like a family member of theirs and they will say "oh i will have him call u back" and like i dont get a call not even like a week later. So when my "friend" doesnt call me i feel like he doesnt care bout our friendship. And sending them messages they dont respond or they do and they say u know, we should do it another time but mostly i dont get an answer. I guess i would rather have them tell me the blunt truth saying I dont want to hang out wit u...instead of them just leavin me hangin b/c now i dont know if they want to hang out and i feel like if i keep askin they definitely dont want to hang out. im so confused


There is also this girl i kind of have feelings for from school and we were going to hang out the other day but she ditched me and i was at the movie theater by myself and i was pissed and i got home went on aim and she was at home and she kept askin me where my friends myspace from school was. and i lied to her sayin "i forgot" and i asked "y do u even care?" and she was like oh my friend (who she hated b/c they got in a fight) wanted to know what he look like. I was like so u ditched me for her? and i got mad and she was like "Im so sorry ur right i should have went to the movies. and all all this other BS. Im still mad at her


And im meetin new people at work but i dont want to be going into a friendship or relationship with any of these people and all they want to do is talk at work and not hang out at all. i dont know what to do? How do i get over this? I dont want to get hurt again, but i know im going to get hurt by anyone. I feel like like i dont belong in this world and my "friends" Probaly dont even care.

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