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In love with someone


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I met this very pretty woman a few weeks ago and she works at a department store. I have gone back on several occasions to talk to her.


Most of the time, when she sees me approaching her, she gives me the cold shoulder or pretends I am not there. Until I start a conversation with her, she talks to me. It feels a little uncomfortable - almost as if she doesn't care.


However, during our conversation, I asked her for her phone number and she obliged. I have tried to call her several times and left messages with her asking if she would like to go out sometime. Unfortunately, she never returns my calls.


I really like this person but find it very hard to approach her so that I can communicate with her. I really would like to ask her out to find out more about her.


Can someone tell me if this is one of those "give it up, she's not interested" cases? If not, any advice would be helpful.


Thank you

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I'm sorry. She's not interested. She was just giving you her number to ward you off. Since you don't really know her, she knows it'd be awkward for you to ask her why she hasn't returned your calls, but probably thought you'd get the message.


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