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oral help

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Try reading the book Box Lunch by Diana Cage. See: link removed


Also, I find a few things work well. Most of the time, warm her up slow. Focus on getting down there slowly. Kiss her, kiss her on the lips, neck, ears, upper chest, breasts, belly, get closer and closer, then switch to the thighs, and when you finally get to the right area, also take your time zeroing in on the right spots.


Sometimes, do the exact opposite. Get in there faster and by being more aggressive. A different pace is sometimes very good.


When you do get the right spots, when she really begins to respond, don't change a thing. When you get the right amount of pressure and the right pace and she begins to get closer, then just keep right at it. Don't change anything.

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DONT TO IT TOO HARD , FIGURE OUT WHAT A CLITORIS AND AND USE IT. just lick different ways with your tongue i mean do it slow fast put your hand over your mouth and lick it for practice. i mean it all feels good so you cant really mess up especially if you get the kissing down the body and all that right take your time make her beg for it in her mind act like you goin to lick it by gently licking over it then go back to her thighs this will drive her crazy by then she is so happy that your licking on it. it wont really matter how you do it. just dontbe nervous and let it turn youon crave it and your sexual side will come out.

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hopefully she will let you knwo what feels good

and what doesnt...Let her know you wouldnt mind

being told how she is feeling and everything...

You will be able to tell by her face expressions whether

she is liking it or hating it.


TIP~ USe protection...saran wrap....just to keep on the

safe side...

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Dragon Girl strikes again.


I'd agree... read up on all of Dragon Girls posts. If you follow them down the line.. she's very susinct in her recipe for how to perform oral. However, you might get fine tune pointers also from those who've added addendums to her advice. So follow through and read all the posts.


And I applaud you for at least looking for the information and getting educated.


BTW.. make sure you protect yourself and protect her.

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