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psychological question

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Is there a psychological reason why some of us go out with a bunch of people who could be friends, yet somehow we're lazy or forget to follow up with those people? Then, it's usually 3 months later, maybe longer when we meet up the people again? How many of you hate when that happens? Any solutions?

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I hate that. When you connect with someone on a friendship level and then nothing comes of it.


But I'm very used to it, as a former military dependent, it's all I know. I have started testing some of my friendships, going for a time and not contacting, just to see if they'd be in touch. I've only lost one person; it's been 1 year and five months since that happened.


I know that one-sided friendships are not healthy. Life is too short to do all the work.


There doesn't have to be 50-50, but there needs to be some type of effort. And yes, I've had people in my life I liked but I didn't initiate the friendship. Funny, one of the most annoying people I ever met became my best friend! Maybe she wore down my defenses?



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who knows if there's a reason, but it's hard to keep in touch with people, especially after high school.


Keep in contact via email, and phone pople. Don't lose touch with people you really care about. Be the one to initiate the phone call. Some of my friends never call, but I make a point of calling them once every few weeks.


I also know someone who sends out a "60 second update" once a month telling what he is doing with his life and what's new and exciting. That is a really smart idea I think.

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