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I'm actually having a lot of stress with my hair too. I'm never pleased with it.


I get regular cuts and yet my split ends keep coming back. I colour, but I don't blow dry or use a lot of hair products. My hair gets frizzy, dry and unruly in humid weather, and goes soft only when theres not a lot of moisture in the air.


I want to try something to get my hair to feel SOFT. I use natural shampoos and conditioners, leave in treatments, anti-frizz serums, but my hair is not what I want it to be like.

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hey! oh my a hair stylist lol just what I need


What type of hair do you have? my hair is very thick, and its kinda wavy or should i saw "poofy"


Do you use a lot of heat or products on it? I basically blow dry it in winter not to cacth a cold, but I bought this ceramic iron now, is that any good? I dont use it often .


I try to cut it every 3 months..



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I can suggest a great product for frizzies...and it smells awesome

It's called Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell...this stuff flies off our shelves.

Be sure to just use it sparinbgly though or it could make your hair look greasy. Use it BEFORE you blow dry your hair...and just a little bit after your hair is straight to smooth it down.

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Hahaha Maria...glad I could help...


What is your goal ? to staighten your hair? The stuff I suggested, Super Skinny is perfect for your hair. A ceramic Iron will definetly help with straightening your hair..BUT...make sure you protect your hair with heat styling products..and try not to become TOO reliant on your flat iron...they are VERY addictive!! lol


If your hair is curly at all...I would suggest ermbracing your natural curl....just put some mousse with a few dabs of super skinny in your hair ..after your towel dry it..and let it air dry. The truth is...the less you do to your hair..the healthier it will be...

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Protein packs are good for the hair...it strengthens the bonds in the hair.

Also...your diet has a LOT to do with the health of your hair. Are you eating healthy? If not...a lot of leafy green veggies are excellent. Remember what goes in, come out. Taking viatamins are good too..a multi vitamin...even pre natal vitamins are good if you can stomach taking them.

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Hi there,


I am not a hairdresser however, I did use something that was a Godsend for frizzy and brittle hair. It's called FrizzEase. I got a perm once and it just fried my hair, suck every drop of moisture out of my hair. (I have stubbornly straight hair). I used it for about a few weeks and it worked beautifully. It's a hair serum that combats frizzies and adds moisture, especially on the ends of the hair. You don't need much. It's kind of pricey but well worth it! Good luck.

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Flat irons are bad for you...especially the cheap ones. I was planning on straightening my hair, then realized I had to do lots of deep conditioning and buy a $100 flat iron to keep my hair from drying out. It has to do with in cheap ones it opens the hair cuticles (sp?), while with the more expensive ones will close it. It has to do with something like the the ions. You need hair serum, deep conditioners, leave in conditioners, etc. when you straighten your hair too. I also know that Sedus are the best for you hair! link removed

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Hey Blayzed!


Sorry I just saw your post...


A BIG look for guys right now is that 70's shag look... If you have thin hair that's ok....you'll want to keep it about collar length in ther back and about halfway over the ears....layering of course and some texturizing will add more body. Product is VERY important with styling hair..especially fine or thin hair. Use some dry wax...like Wax works by Paul Mitchell...or the Dry Wax. Gel will weigh your hair down flat to your head...So apply the product sparingly...maybe a dime size and rub it all through your hair, for that "messy" shaggy look.

Also, take a picture of what you want to your stylist so they will have a better idea of what you want...


Hope that helps

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