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i'm only 14 but i have a lot of problems that i need help with.

my dad is really strict with us, but in a weird way. for example

he won't let me mix with anyone unless there catholics. not just catholics but oldfashioned traditional catholics. i'm not allowed country pop or rock music, i have to wear skirts full time, below the knee and my top/shirts have to be with in two fingers to the pit of the throat and between my shoulder and elbow. i'm not allowed tv and most movies and i'm not allowed to mix with anyone unless their like this. i also homeschool. i find it really hard making friends the way i am. i have a really good friend who was raised the same as i am but her parents let her have any music she likes, lets her wear pants, cool tops ect. my dad is realising that she is not like me anymore and is stopping me mix with her. we've been friends for 8 years!!!!

we have a lot in common. i spend a lot of my time at her place. basically i lead a double life. i buy and jeans and tops and leave them at my friends places, i watch movies when my parents go out and i have a mobile hidden away as well as cd's. i hate doing it behind my parents backs though!!! but having friends is a major issue for me. i'm going insane coz sometimes it can be a month or two be for i see anyone. hhhheeeeeeeeelllllllpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]

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As bad it seems to go behind a parents back, it can be even worse to be strict with children; destroying a healthy enviornment can have serious consquences in later in life. Normally I'd advise to talk with your dad and hope he changes his heart, but I'm not sure if that plan is fool proof. Nothing is. I suggest go on with what your doing, unless you see any hope your dad will change. Good luck.

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thanx for your reply. ok now i am faced with a new problem. my dad has decided that he will let me mix with the girl again. but now she feels embarrassed about coming over coz she feels she's not welcome. dad dosn't know she knows that he dosn't approve of her. what can i say to change her mind about coming over? i havn't seen anyone for 1 and half months now and i'm getting desperately lonely. i'm finding it hard to cope!

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Here's what I suggest. Tell your friend that it's okay. Even though your father may not like her, that you really care for her as a friend. That's the best I can think of. Sorry. I know that loniness can be hard to cope with, but do you have any activities? I'm sure you'll make friends your father would approve of. Just have patience. Good luck.

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