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Whats your opinion on those Home schooling programs on TV?

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While home schooling can be good I wouldnt pick those.


Try distance learning from a university near you. This way it is accredited, transfers, and is really a good way to do it.


I take several online courses from my local community college the past few years. Cheap. flexible. Good education. Transfers.

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You kno I don't kno where u are at in school. Didnt say if u were a hs grad or not. I took ged classes that way too, before I took the test. Worked well. So doesn't matter where u are at in learning. GED, no credits, or a doctor wanting review courses. They have a lot to offer.

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A lot of normal colleges/universities offer online courses. Call you local school and find out. That would be the most respected in the job industry.


A step short of the would be the University of Phoenix, which is at lease accedited. However, that type of places carries a certain negative stigma in a lot of circles. Good luck.

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