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Friendship after sex???

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ok, so if y'all have been following my posts, there's this guy that I've been talking to for a little over a month now. We started off just hanging out alot, kissing, stuff like that. We had a great time together, and lots of laughs. Then I ended up staying at his house last saturday, and we ended up having sex (not something I had planned to do for a long time) now I've just really had my eyes opened this past week, and I don't think I can make it work with me and him in a relationship right now. I do, however, think we could be great friends. My question is, has anyone ever dated someone for a short period of time, decided it just wasnt there, and became friends with this person? I'm wondering if it's possible to be intimate with someone, and then after that be friends.. Has anyone ever had this happen, or have and suggestions? I haven't even told him yet.... he's not the serious type of person... every time I try to talk about serious stuff, he gets goofy and changes the subject.... i'm wondering if he's scared I want a committment or something.... any advice would be great guys... thanx

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Sounds like he might just be immature.. Maybe just not wanting to settle into anything, however long a commitment might be for him..


As far as friends after sex. I guess it depends on the two people.. If you guys weren't really serious, and you have a decent friendship before you dated, I don't see why it wouldnt work, as long as you guys stopped all physical activities with each other. No sex, kissing, hugging. Keep it platonic..


However, if you feel as though, having seen him naked, and having had sex with him, and had something like that happen between the two of you, then, perhaps you can simply say that to him. Tell him things just turn a turn for the worse, and explain yourself.



My personal opinion.. Varies.. I can be friends with someone I've had sex with. If I didnt have an emotional attachment or any time spent dating them for any length of time.


As far as a serious relationship? I can't see it. I shared way too much with my ex, to want to just be friends.. We've done things that even friends can't talk about. But not even that.. It's just the pain and emotion behind something.



If this guy gets goofy headed at the thought and mentioning of anything about a relationship, he might not have any attachments, in which case, if your wanting to end it, you can simply do so, and attempt to be friends. Be warned that when you do start a relationship, and do form an attachment, and break up with someone, regardless of friendships bound before hand, you sign and release all chances of ever having that person in your life.

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