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hate him so much..u like him?

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ok theres this kid that i no that had/has a thing for my gf..but she hates him..when ever she sees him she says she hates him...so the other night my uncle said to his lil girl u hate him so much u love him..she was fighting with her lil bro....so it made me think..does my gf like this kid?..idk..but my gf has been acting weird..we dont talk to much at the moment..i dont no why..i dont think its pms..anywayz..what u guys think?

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Do you mind me asking roughly how old you and your g/f are?


It is possible that she likes him and thats is also why she hates him if that makes any sense? In junior school the guys always used to pull the girls hair they liked the most. Its a weird kinda reversed psycology.


This said i wouldn't take this to mean anything, sit your g/f ddown ask her outright whats bothering her and try and find out why she doesn't like him? does she have a real reason.


Trust her tho, there is no point having a relationship without trust and if she tells you something try and believe her...hope this helps



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im 17 she is 15...we have been goin out for about 8 months now..we have gone out 3 times over the past 3 years...but the kid(use to be friend) is soooo anoyying..i mean NOONE likes him...even my gf's parents dont like the kid...so keep on replying while i go to work now

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This is a situation that requires you guys to really sit and talk this through. Sugar's right there may be a chance that your girl may have feeligns for this kid so you need to ask her that. Also, sit him down and find a peaceful solution by asking him to leave you two alone, since he is one half of the problem deal with him as well.

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