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THE Reason for NC and not caring anymore

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Funny thing about relationships as a whole.

At the point of moving from a friendship to a deeper relationship there is much confusion emtionally, there are times when the head takes control and realises that it won't work. Thus the saying, "i want to be good friends with you and not more",

further expanding on that senerio, when one person falls in love whilst the other logically and mentally doesn't causes an emotional tension between the 2 ppl. One which knows the boundaries and the other (which is in love) is searching where the borders are set and trying hard to not cross them. From the perspective of the border setter the obligations of the relationship is clear. From the perspective of the foundering lover everything has become confusing and blurred.


Some may say that NC is the solution, I would agree with that as it is a clear cut way to move on with ones life. It also allows there to be an opportunity for the friendship to heal so that it can continue on a later date.


Whilst I on the other hand have tried NC so many times that I have given up, and continued to try be her friend. It has reached a point where we have hurt each other that she and I don't really care anymore. No friendship and no relationship. Another person out there that she and I don't care for. It isn't a removal of a load, it is just putting a different load on your shoulders.


So, learn from this. NC not only gives you an opportunity to heal but also gives the friendship time to heal, it also avoid putting another unnecessary load on your shoulder.

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