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Log of my selfish, unappreciative, delusional, husband turned roommate

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Names have been changed to protect myself and my husband.

9/27/23- I am in the smaller bedroom with a tiny closet and Jake is in the master bedroom. He also has the good parking spot and I have to park in the dirt. Side note, I keep my room squeaky clean and upkeep it daily. Jake's room is the only room in the house that is absolutely disgusting because he does not lift a finger to clean, ever. 

Well, he's had his big 100+lb fishtank in my little closet for years. I have asked him numerous times to please remove it so I can have space for my clothes, but he never does. Side note, it also took him about 2 months to change a light bulb in the hall after I asked about 20x. Back to the fish tank. Finally two weeks ago, after mentioning this tank to my mom, she told me it's probably filled with mold and that's extremely unhealthy to have in my room (the fish tank has been off and just sitting full of water and coral rocks for years). I lifted the lid to look, and sure enough it was filled with mold and the mold stench wreaked as soon as it was opened. I asked him for the final time, to please remove the fish tank by trash day. Of course, he didn't. Finally today, I moved the damn thing myself by hoisting it onto an office chair and rolling the office chair down the driveway like a lunatic, then putting it on the floor out front myself. I severly injured my hip and back by doing so. I'm a 5'3 female. All because the "man" of the house, was too lazy, selfish, and apathetic to help me with it. The kicker is after I did it, he said I should have asked him for help............there are no words for the deluisonalness of this man.

9/29/23- I woke up early while Jake slept in and spent over an hour deep cleaning the house. I then cooked the dogs food (we make homemade dog food), fed the dogs, gave them their pills etc. Side note: I pay for all dog food (human grade) and all vet care (a ton of money). I also went to target and, bought a new swiffer wet jet mop. Additionally, I took out the trash and empty water bottles. I placed the trash bag and empty water bottles in the garage because at the time, it was still dark out and I didn't want to go in the backyard where the garbage is to put the trash out there while it's dark. After Jake woke up, over 2 hours after me, when I had been working around the house all morning, he sees the trash by the door and swings the door open loudly, slams the trash can lid off, throws the trash in loudly, slams the trash can lid back on, and then SLAMS the garage door shut. Jake does not communicate like a normal human being, but the loud slamming was his passive aggressive way of telling me he was pissed that I temporarily left the trash in the garage. Think about the gravity and entitlement of those actions, after everything I already did this particular morning. 

10/1/23- I woke up at 6am on Sunday and had cleaned the house, vacuumed and mopped the floors,
and was in the midst of feeding the dogs with the homemade dog food I bought and cooked. I haven't had coffee yet.
Jake walks into the kitchen, sees there is no water in the Keurig (that I bought), and proceeds to fill up the water 
just enough for himself so I will have to add more for myself, then makes his coffee and walks away. Btw it's the water I bought, the keurig I bought, and the coffee I bought. Yet after I woke up earlier and had been doing chores for an hour that he didn't help with, he couldn't even take an extra half a second to fill the water all the way in the keurig. Pure laziness, inconsiderateness, unappreciativeness, lack of self awareness, and selfishness. 


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