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How is our relationship going to last?

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I recently got a new boyfrined . He is very kind, sweet, funny, and cuute. He's into heavy metal and otha stuff like that. I like to listen to all sorts of music and we hav a lot in common . The but there are a few things that worry me . I live in southern New Jersey and he lives in central. It's not hat big of a distance but when youre my age it is. I really love him. He's just what i need riight now. Also everyone is acting like i am going to makeout with him riight in front of them. Which i would neva do. I will never make out with sum1 in front of everyone. I do hav reservations.... And he also has a problem....He cuts himself . He tries to stop but he keeps doing it. I dont know what to do.....

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It is not a good idea for him to cut himself- I think that you need to tell someone that he does this- for his own well being.


As for your relationship and the distance, I don't think that you should be too worried about it. You can still talk on the phone and see him at school.

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Cutting leads to major relationship problems; I've seen it happen to my friends. Honestly I'd advice to stay away from people like that because most liekly they get depressed a lot, and that can get you depressed as well.


At your age I wouldnt worry about how long it will last...you're young; so even if it doesnt last that long, there's plenty of other fish in the sea.



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