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convos dying

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me and my gf have good convos when its about sexual stuff but besides that they are dying its like nothing else we can talk about its like sexual stuff is the only thing i know what to talk about cuz that's what we do every weekend how can i talk thouroly about another subjecct???? plz help me

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Besides sex, what are you interested in? Sports (specific sports), cars, poetry, writing, television shows, books, movies, school, work...


Besides sex, what is SHE interested in? This will actually get you a lot further down the road, in my experience (better to talk about the things she likes than bore her with the things you like, unless she guides you in that direction)....


If you don't know the answer to the question about your gf, then that's a great starter right there... Does she collect anything? Have you two talked about your families, hometowns, etc?

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Wow. Okay, first you need to tweek your typing skills. Second, it sounds like you're in a rut with your girl. Take a break from the "sexual stuff" and do something else together. That way you'll have more to talk about besides the "sexual stuff"

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