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How to deal with extremely narcissistic ,and attention seeking girl


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Hello to the ones who will try to help me out with this one girl.Listen guys i'm really invested in this chick at the moment.Our story is so long but im gonna keep it short as possible.So we knew each other since we are 13years old and from the beginning we had some shared attraction from the both sides.Btw i was very shy back then and didnt do anything with her for 6years,but meanwhile i have girls around me have sex,dating one of her home girls,i knew she all the time likes me but she likes smth more than me,my attention i think and there is the problem,when i ignore her she become crazy and is desperate for my attention but when I give it to her then she starts to ignore me,and the answers are becoming less and more boring.Im trying to make her mine but dont know how.She is a huge attention seeker because of her father lost.Alsoo her ex boyfriend is very manipulative and this can be useful in some ways i think.Please help me out because im seriously obsessed over her!

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