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Right now I have the worst depressioon in the world. I feel lik ei am at rock bottom with myself, It is affecting everything I have no job beacuse I cant keep them for some reason, Its affectin gmy love life and my family life, I feel like my world is crashing down I have thought about sucide but i dont think i would really bring myself to that, I have nervous breakdowns all the time and anything I EVER think about is negitive, I am to the point were i hate the world. I fear working beacuse I fear faliure and i think people will look at me like im stupid if i cant do the job I fear my family thinking that I am a faliure they already do. I try to help people out the best i can i do things for people so im not cold hearted. My mom and I have a messed up relationship too she has a 3 bedroom house and when i was on the verge of being homeless she said i couldnt live with her. I guess in a way im sick of feeling like this I JUST WANT HAPPINESS THATS ALL! I wanna be confident and believe in myself but thats all ripped away! what is happening? is this beacuse i am only 22 and tryin gto find my place in the world or is this a serious illness?

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I am also 22 and feel kinda the same sometimes.


I don't think that its something that is wrong with you.


I think that it would help if your mom was nicer to you.


I don't really know what to tell you except for that things change and life changes, just hang in there.


One day this will all be a memory.


As far as a job, try taking it one step at a time, nobody ever masters a job right away and for some it takes longer.


I think if you make some progress, a little at a time you will feel better.


I hope this helps

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Hey hun. I'm only 18 years old, but maybe I can give you some advice.

My cousin was only 20 years old & he felt the same way as you. Now he has a great job and a great wife. He is so happy right now. You might just be feeling like this b/c you are so young and you haven't found the right job yet. You probably feel like you are worthless b/c you don't have a good job like some other people do.

You will find happiness though...I promise. You should not feel like a failure. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you want to go out and find a great job...then you can do it. Don't feel like you can't b/c you will mess up. Everyone messes up!

~If you continue to feel like this, I would seek psychiatric help. Yes it's expensive, but you can't go on feeling like this. Try to see a doctor and they may be able to put you on some anti-depressants. Those help! Trust me...Im on them

~Life seems like it's really hard for you right now, but you will get through it. And try not to think about suicide so much. Nothing is bad enough to end your life.

Try to patch things up with your mom. Call her and talk to her and tell her that you are sorry for everything that has happened. You will feel tons better after you do that. I hope you feel better b/c I know how it feels to be so depressed that you want to kill yourself. It's not fun at all!

good luck hun!

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