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So I took this job recently to be a temp for strictly data entry. When I got there the lady who was in charge of training me kept showing me how to input calculations into excel. now, I am fine with calculations but I am not okay with people showing me what to do without little to no explanation and just expecting me to understand when that's not the job I signed up for. I wasn't given a standard operating procedures sheet for instruction how to do the job. I also wasn't given any print outs of codes that were used for the calculations. I was basically told to enter amounts into excel and put it in the right column which is very confusing with lack of explanation. At that point I had enough of being ignored and decided to call my agency and tell them i was doing something totally unrelated to what we spoke about. she ends up calling the COO. By the way the VP is also my manager. Basically what transpired that day made me feel uneasy. The COO (seemed like he was pissed) came all the way down to my department to meet me and tells me if I had questions to ask the VP. I was suppose to.meet the VP in the morning but he was so busy and sent out the lady who trained me instead. He also spoke very loud and obnoxiously for the ENTIRE FLOOR to hear that I called the agency because I felt lost and had no direction. HOW HUMILIATING. I was MORTIFIED. OF course I could hear the two guys behind me whispering about me as the COO left. Long story short, I feel like this work place doesn't take it's temps seriously. I don't know if I should go back...i feel totally messed up to say the least. the VP I believe felt kind of messed up too since it's his department and he didn't introduce himself to.me. he was nice afterwards and told me he heard so much about me..... only AFTER his boss the COO made it his mission to come down there and have to tell me to ask the VP to which I replied nice to.meet you

I didn't expect all that much trouble in all honesty I just wanted to be given proper instruction. just mortified of how the COO put me on blast for calling the agency and stating facts

should I feel like i did something wrong? do u think they are wrong?

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Well, it sounds like the typical lack of communications that happens in an office. And it's also possible the agency misunderstood what the client wanted you to do. You were expecting to enter numbers and instead they gave you equations to enter. As a temp, you have to be pretty flexible and expect that the employer might not give you the full picture. Keep in mind, as a temp, you're at the bottom end of the totem pole and people don't feel like including you into the info flow. I would advise you to at least spend a few minutes seeing if you can figure out a problem before asking questions just so you look smarter. And certainly you should have asked the woman who was "training" you the questions you had before escalating it to your boss who escalated it to their boss, which then embarrassed this guy at the company who made such a grand scene about it. (He really only embarrassed himself.) And basically, just keep your head down.

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