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How can I help my brother?


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Me and my brothers girlfriend are close, and last night she texted me. She explained how she had caught my brother on Craigslist personals, posting and replying to sex ads. She said she saw the messages he sent to the women on his phone, and saw photos he was sending them as well. I was shocked because my brother doesn’t seem like the type to do something like this. Every time I see him and his girlfriend, they get along just great. She then explained that this is about the 5th time she has caught him doing this. I asked her if she had confronted him and she said she has everytime but he keeps doing it. he said he does it because he likes the attention, and that he’s curious...

Once again I found it hard to believe but I’ve seen all the evidence and I know she is telling the truth. She really loves him and I can tell this is taking a toll on her. She said she feels trapped and thinks he may have some sort of addiction and needs help. He said to her he can stop at anytime and doesn’t need help but this is the 5th time or so now! Apparently he doesn’t have intentions with meeting up with the people but who knows. I’m honestly worried about my brother and I’m not sure what I can do. We’re young, in our early 20s and I don’t want to embaress him but I also don’t want him to ruin his future. Any tips on what I could do would be helpful!

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