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New girl , new experience


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Hey some of you may know me from my dealing with a crush post. Took some advice on there and went to some bars. Met someone first night and arranged a date. Date went well and saw her again a couple days later we did have sex that time(i know too soon but it felt right)


Anyway on with my question she was giving me a hand job the other day and used some fingers on her other hand to press on the area between my balls and anus. It was awesome.

As I was coming she pressed harder which made it feel great. After however I notice my erection stayed up for along while after (almost long enough for sex)


My question is is this normal? I guess I dont really know alot about this stuff as I was in a relationship for 14years with not much sex towards the end. Sorry for long post

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I wonder if this is why my bf stays hard after...


I love to experiment in this way it is exciting and good for a relationship to try new things sexually. My ex would say it was gay if I went down to that area. I personally think men who are like that are just not clean so they see it as unclean!

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