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My ex dumped me


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My ex dumped me, then started ignoring me for a weeks.. then he turns up at my door late night leaves in the morning and I hardly hear from him. I posted a picture of my guy friend and my ex started questioning me about him. Before we broke up I sneaked on his phone and saw him flirting with other girls on badoo.

I confronted him and he denied it.. now that Iv moved to a different city and I have stoped contact with him he randomly msgs me, even called me last night but I never picked up.. he msgd me saying I just wanted to hear your voice! Why is he jelous of me moving on? He even said I don't want you going to a mixed gym! I don't understand this guy like you dumped me.. does he miss me? Or does he regret braking up with me?

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He seems like he's being possessive. He dumped you. Like this guy left you and now wants to control you. That is not behavior that you deserve. You deserve someone that is going to respect you and trust you. If he regrets it, then let him regret it. You're moving on and you're taking control of your life. Have fun with it

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