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My boyfriend has always been weird about sex


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My boyfriend and I have been together for two and a half years. The very first time we had sex, it was great. We both had been drinking and let our wild side out and it was amazing. BUT. For the first year of our relationship, he could barely get it up or keep it up. (And no He was not a virgin when we met) He claimed he was nervous and he would over think and it would make things worse. At this point we were having sex about once a week. Follow up almost a year later and he could definitely keep it up now, but he never ever ever initiated/s sex. Not once in this whole relationship. We have sex maybe once a month if that. He also does not do foreplay or allow me to bring toys into bed.


Any time I try to talk about sex or discuss sexual things he gets VERY awkward and embarrassed. He's almost 26.. I don't understand why he's so uncomfortable about it. He's often "liking" half naked models pictures online, and if I initiate sex he's completely down for it. (But of course doesn't return the favor). I can't even try to talk to him about improving our sex life because it makes him weird and I know he won't try any pointers I give him..


Is it selfish that this makes me want to end the relationship? We live together. Have for most of the relationship. We have a life together. But our sex life might end it all... I don't know what to do to make him more comfortable.

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eventually you are going to want to cheat or already have thought about it because it just rip and slam for him, my ex left but told me one of my issue is i didnt pay enough attention to her in terms of i had a lower sex drive which is weird because our 1st year we were together we had sex everyday at least wice, now that we are both adults work and other stuff we didnt have the time. if hes 26 which is the same age as me hes got something wrong with him, im like a 14 yr boy anytime all the time(probaly because im not having sex on a regular basis.

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Those are signs of issues/trauma. It is gonna be difficult to talk about, but you two are gonna have to get rid of the awkwardness if this is going to progress. You are going to have to compromise in the meanwhile while he gets help for his issues, that is if you really want to be with him. Also maybe try to stop initiating sex all the time?

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