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Does she like me advice


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I’m at Uni at the minute and me and this girl share a flat of 6.

I really can’t tell if she likes me or not. So many mixed signals.

She’s never had a boyfriend before but she’s defiantly not shy.

Sometimes we chat in the kitchen etc both smile and tease but when it comes to online messages it’s not a chat as such it’s just maybe afew words every few days .

Need some advice how to proceed

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Only for a few months tho



That is hilarious!


Ok, now it might be a bit tricky considering she has never had a boyfriend before and you live together...


First, forget about the word relationship and forget about the world boyfriend and girlfriend, the only thing you gotta focus on his hanging out and having fun. Be playful and tease her. The idea is not to complicate things, not to worry about a relationship, just keep on doing what you are doing and when the opportunity is there (you can tell she is into you through her body language and being flirty) just pull her over and sit her on your lap and say, "Hi beautiful" and then just kiss her....


You will always need to be a bit playful and be ready with a good playful comeback....If she says, "We are roommates" just tease and be like, "You like me and I like you....what I really like is a girl that doesn't hold back...now I think you should just come here and kiss me now"


Or say you all go out to a party or a club and she wants to go outside for a bit....go with her and if she is being kinda flirty just be like - "I think you just need to get over here right now and kiss me instead of just looking at me like that...you know you want to kiss me...don't be shy...I wont bite...well maybe a bit later"



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