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Having trouble Flirting


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so I'm shy, and a terrible flirt. just dunno how. and I know and have also heard time and time again that this is one of the most important things in dating.

otherwise the other party will feel no "spark" or that you just want to be friends.


also when I'm chatting on a date, its all this superficial stuff. no deep connections, emotions. oh what do you do? what do you like? damn , I know it's not a job interview but I dunno how to change that tone of conversation around either.



can someone or everyone (lol) guide me to some resources or have wise words of advise?

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Just be playful and fun when around women and don't stress or think too much about being "flirty" or whatever....There are no such things as magic one-liners etc...


Just focus on her having a great time and making her laugh and smile.


THAT is all you have to do


And then when you truly notice something that is special about her, then sure you can say it, but just be authentic and mean it, and it will go along way

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