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Too many point of views


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I have way too many perspectives on life. I have too many point of views. But I feel like if I don't have a perspective, I'm living a worthless life. I just don't feel like I think like a normal person. I get too deep into my mind that I drown myself into stress. I just wish I could fix myself or something.

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You may view an ability to consider different views a curse at the moment, but it's actually a talent. Like any talent, the skills that drive it need to be developed. This is where working with a mentor, a teacher, a counselor, a therapist or a coach can help you focus on those skills.


If you're in school, consider starting with the counselor your tuition covers. If you don't find this helpful, ask to be referred to someone who specializes in anxiety. You may not consider yourself anxiety-prone or in need of treatment for that condition, but the techniques used to self-manage anxiety are often well applied to those who need to learn how to focus their thinking into structured ways that don't exhaust them.


I also second the first poster who suggested meditation. Recognize that meditation is a 'practice,' meaning that anyone who believes that they cannot meditate 'properly' is only impatient, even while the benefits of just ATTEMPTING the practice are cumulative and grow over t.i.m.e.


Consider any meditation practice to be one of 'relaxing' instead of trying to DO anything fabulous with your mind. Just learning to quietly relax for 5 minutes a few time a day offers a degree of the same benefits as REM (rapid eye movement) stages of sleep. One of those benefits is the brain's ability to clear toxins that build over the course of the day. This isn't figurative, it's literal. Wakeful brain activity does not permit a clearing through the blood-brain barrier, while the restful states of sleep and meditation allow those toxins to travel down the OUTSIDE of the nerves and then clear through the body's bloodstream.


Wakefulness prevents this clearing because the synapses are too active. This might be a contributor to your concerns--so consider a practice of resting this activity, and let us know whether you enjoy some clarity and confidence in your thinking as a result.


Head high, you're not 'wrong' or 'freakish,' you just recognize a need to focus a talent. Write more if it helps.

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