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Dating older women?

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So what is it like?


It's always been one of my fantasies to date older woman between 35-45. Yes, I do have a thing for older women and I'm 26 years old.


I've never dated an older woman before but I always want to. Most of them are already married so I know it's going to be really tough to find one who is single. Even if she is single, you'll have to find out if she enjoys being with younger men.


But just for the record, I do know that older women are AMAZING at sex (obviously) and I hear they like to buy young guys gift.

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I agree with amber dude find someone that is your age older women go for older men not younger men because all the girls that are 2-3 years younger then me like me not older women older women look for older men so just find someone your age ok.

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Hey Rocky,


First of all, I see nothing wrong with finding older women attractive. If woman can find older men attractive, then I don't see how it's such a far jump for a man to be attractive to an older woman.


And i have also heard that a woman doesn't reach her sexual peak until she reaches her late 30's and early 40's.


Just my advice is, beware of older women who would want to take advantage of you. Most of them are just looking for a one night stand.


But if you do find someone in that age group, and with the same goals as you, I wish you all the luck

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Well personally I don't look for older women but occasionally you just see one that catches your eye and you can't help but take a liking to her.


I sort of took a liking to a 34 year old russian opera singer a while ago (I'm only 21) and sort of ended up helping out at 7 shows in total that she was in (though I originally thought she was only 26 maximum - someone else that was with me said she could be no older than 27!). After that and still not attempting to make my move I gave chase to their next show 500 miles away and ended up sending 12 red roses to her at the theatre they were performing at. Heh if only I could have been a fly on the wall when she got 12 red roses infront of 200 of her russian colleagues!.


Anyway I did actually get a phone call from her about 2 hours later (remember women have the gossip thingy to do first) but I never asked her if she'd like to meet me because she told me 3 times she didn't speak/understand much english.


Thats the only older woman that I have really found myself attracted to. Problem is that since having found myself attracted to her I just don't find the local women attractive at all - None of them.

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