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Trouble in Paradise


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Hey,so I needed some advice hence I am posting.I have been with my boyfriend for more than 3 years.He is leaving for college soon and we would be long distance.Everything is fine but the 12 hour gap between our timings really worries me and I get worried that there would be some other very pretty girls at universty whom he would be seeing face to face everyday.I am good looking myself.Any tips on how not to feel insecure long distance? and also we are overall good but I tend to over analyze situations sometimes and jump to conclusions and get angry.Then I would scold him and fight and regret later.An example would be when one of his ex's cousin commented on his picture teasing him over something using a nickname,I was angry because I don't want him to have any ties with them and I know he does not even talk to them.So long story short I felt like he shouldn't have added her in the first place and then regretted later after scolding him.How can I stop this??? please help!!!! He is really not at fault but why do I always jump to conclusions and always feel the need to take my anger out on him if I get mad at him instead of shutting out.It really sabtoges everything ugh.

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