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Feeling Hopeless

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I graduated college in May of 2015 and found a nice job shortly afterwards, however my husband and I were not happy at all living in the state that we were living in. When we decided that we wanted to move, my husband found a nice job which allowed us to live in the state/city that we were both really hoping to relocate to. We moved at the beginning of January 2017. It took me from then, until the end of April to find work. Unfortunately, the company that I was working for was sold month later and I was laid off by the end of May. This whole job search process has been so frustrating and painful for me as I keep getting turned down for position after position. The bills keep piling up and I don't know what I am going to do if I don't find something by the time my unemployment benefits run out. I feel so hopeless and lost right now. It feels that now there is no future for me and I have no one to turn to. I maybe have one friend left in this world to talk to and no family besides my husband, who is clearly very tired of listening to me worry and stress over this situation. I am in need of some advice or positive thoughts sent my way... How can I cope with feeling worthless, depressed, stressed, and absolutely hopeless? I put in job applications every day. I feel like I am such a disappointment and burden.

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