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A question, if anybody is willing to help Bakayurei

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hello, this is my first post.



well, i need help. this is why i joined this forum. for help.


there's this girl who i think i love. now, how to tell her?



it seems easy enough, 'excuse me, but i think i'm in love with you', but it is well near impossible. for me.




help me, please?

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hmm, More information please...

Does this girl know your name, who you are? Are you friends? Have you had any "romantic interactions" ?

How long have you known each other?




Are you sure you aren't just infatuated? Would you marry her tomorow and care for her through cancer?


If you just like her a lot then tell her that, invite her out to dinner immediately afterwards (someplace nice).

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Khiron is right, you might not love her. Telling her you do can scare her away because she will be afraid of hurting you and herself. Try to pursue a relationship with her.


On the other hand if you are in a relationship you should figure out if you really do love her before mentioning it. Don't be afraid if she doesn't say anything back. "I love you" is not a question; it's a statement. It doesn't demand a response.


Hope this helps.

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Are you sure that you 'love her'? does she know you are you good friends or did you just meet. Maybe you should just ease her into the fact like ask her out to dinner and tell her that you really like her and as time goes and your certian that you still 'love her'. Then tell her when you feel the time is right. I hope everything turns out for the better.

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Yeah if you get back to us with the answers for the questions that have been asked above, we may be able to help you more, because if you dont even know the girl and she doesnt know your name or even who you are, if you go upto her and tell her that you love her she will be really freaked out, trust me, you at least need to know her name and her yours and have at least spoken before!

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well, here's the information you demand.




yes, we are friends. pretty good friends, actually. and, i've known here since i was: um. 12, oh, yeah. i am now 15.




another thing, she's not the most aesthetically appeasing of God's creatures.















my parents don't like me befriending girls, thought.


so, what do you think now?

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hmmm. So, you have to know you are really too young to get in a serious relationship, but what is wrong with dating/going out? Is it that you have been "just friends" until now? And you would like more? If so, first off, you have to be honest with yourself and realize that she may not be interested in a more intense relationshiop with you. If you are willing to accept that gratiously if she opts than I don't see a problem with pursuing the relationship further. However, to tell her you love her is a bet far fetched. (I think). I would just start in on a closer relationship first, and such. And instead of worrying about telling her you love her, have fun and enjoy the time you have with her. This is your first love it sounds like and there will be many more. Your parents are probably concerned about you going bonkers over the first girl you meet and possibly for good reason. Try to remain objective and rational for right now, and if things last (and they will if you really are in love with her and her in love with you) then you can contemplate love and marriage at that point . Take care!

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