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Healthy and positive things after break up.

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I should have been doing these things all along, but that is one of the lessons I learned from my break up, which is to do good things for myself regardless whether im in a relationship or not. So besides me learning this, here are some of the healthiest/positive things i have done after my break up.


-Stop Smoking

- change diet

- volunteer

- self care, exercise, mani/pedi's, new wardrobe.


More to do, one day at a time.....

Feel free to share some of the healthy and positive things you have done for yourself or others after your break up. I'd love to read about them.😄

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Awesome list so far!


1. Traveling

2. Meeting new people

3. Very casual dating (no expectations; nothing serious)

4. Limiting time on social media

5. Reading everyday

6. Exercise

7. Volunteering

8. Focusing more on my goals

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