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Time will Tell

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My friend and I just talked to my ex boyfriend. He was acting kinda weird. He started to get cocky. Long story well in the past I was a b*tch to him. He gave me alot of chances to change. I neva did. Well now my friend kinda got cocky with him, and he flipped. Every lil things gets him ticked eva since I did all this to him hes edgy with bout everone now. He told me if I was a guy he would have knocked my head off and that if I keep gettin him stressed out hes gonna do something drastic something so bad Ill wanna put a lawsuit on him I donno what this means. Well at the end of the convo he told me and my best friend that he needs sometime and told us not to call or talk to him intil hes ready to talk and if we dont hear from him in 3 months we'll know why. I know what he meant if we dont hear from him then he moved on. What should I do, I know Ill end up missing him if he dont call and Ill be sad. I dont wanna be depressed again, awhile back I was so depressed becuz of him and I got ova it kinda and I dont want that to happen again. Plz help me



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If he's that stressed out, you best leave him and see how things turned out. If the depression gets to bad there are places you can go and people you can talk to for support and get help. Don't push him till he snaps, he may do something he'll regret.


You don't need to be gettin into lawsuits with him either, too expensive.

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